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3 Restaurant Feedback Strategies that can do wonders to the profit digits

For running a successful business, guest feedback plays a vital role -but it is not always positive. Good or bad, it plays a key role in success of your restaurant. Here are the 3 best restaurant feedback strategies to get an honest feedback from your customer base.

1.       Surveys

Surveys are like bread and butter for taking feedbacks. They are easy to take, easy to analyze and easy to scale up.

2 types of basic surveys can be conducted – long surveys and short surveys.

·         Long Surveys

This is the type we are most familiar with. After creating a list of questions, send them across to all the customers via emails, Twitter followers, facebook fans and anyone else. Give it a few days and then collect all the feedbacks and sort them as per the feedback.

While designing the questions for these kinds of surveys, for a good audience response, key points to remember are:

– Keep the surveys short, mostly between 5 to 10 questions.

– Ask only relevant questions, which you will actually use for analysis.

– Include open-ended questions as well along with rating scales and multiple choice questions. This will give customers an opportunity to present themselves more clearly to you.

·         Short Surveys

Short surveys offer only 1 or 2 questions. They can be kept on the website asking relevant questions just about that particular page. You will get a very pin point review by this method.

2.       Meal Feedbacks

Customer feedback is an excellent mechanism to raise profits and to survive! It gives you an exact picture on what the customers feel and what they are looking for. Feedback can be captured:

          Immediately after a meal

Once the customer is done with the meal, along with the cheque a feedback form can be got to fill in direct feedback from the customer. Using technology like tab, can be really helpful with repeat footfalls, so that it can pick up basic data about the customer from the database and the customer can fill only that particular meal specific feedback.

          Sent as Email within 1 or 2 days

A feedback form can be sent via email within 1 or 2 days of customer visit to the restaurant.

          Via a call on the next day

This is not too much in trend these days, as it has many manipulative factors involved due to human communication. Nonetheless, to get an overview of customer’s satisfaction with the meal, this kind of feedback mechanism can be followed.

These feedbacks would give insights on customer satisfaction level which will help in taking the customer experience to a whole new level.

3.       Customer Analytics

Most analytics products are designed to track the website as a whole and not individual customer. It is important to know preferences of each customer. Customer Analytics focuses of each customer. Information such as how many times that customer visited the website, when he visited last, his meal preferences, total revenue generated by that customer to your restaurant, etc will be a part of customer analytics.

This information can be used to promote customer relationships and building a better rapport with the customers.

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