achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant

6 exclusive ways to achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant in 2017

Did you know it is way too easier to sell to an existing customer than a new customer? Marketing research indicates that it is 50 % more easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. A statistic provided by Lee Resource Inc. will make you think deep: Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer. Hence it is wiser to learn ways to achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant.t

It really means that while bringing in new customers is important while maintaining the existing customers is equally essential in boosting restaurant profits. Here are some exclusive ways to achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant:

Provide a flawless Dining Experience

One does not do groceries because one wants to buy groceries but because the person wants to prepare delicious food out of it and relish the cooking and eating experience. Similarly, a person doesn’t come only to eat at your restaurant because he wants to eat but he would also love to carry a great experience relishing dinner at your restaurant. In fact, this experience can be one single factor which would drive them back to your restaurant again.

  • Make them feel welcomed and comfortable at your restaurant with always a happy face to greet them.
  • Make them feel unique by serving them the perfect food their taste buds are yearning for.
  • Provide an elegant ambience where they would enjoy and cherish their dining experience.
  • And if somehow customer did not have a good experience try to find out the issue and check with them how you can make it up.

achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant

Targeted Email Campaigns

From your detailed customer database, driving behavioral and preference based customized email campaigns that cater to the unique needs of each customer is a proven effective way to achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant. By reaching potential customers with relevant customized email offers at a perfect timing, will greatly increase the chances of them revisiting your restaurant. Email campaigns should be crisp and attractive with unique subject lines. In such emails, providing a direct intuitive button to book table online would be very helpful.

Remember Customer Names and Preferences

It is a good practice to remember customer’s names and their preferences. When a customer is addressed by his name, he feels more important and merrier. In the very first conversation, staff can be trained to ask customer’s name in a polite fashion and then it can be used while communication with the customer. It would be great if their names are recalled in their future visits, people simply love it. With their names, in your system and their food preferences can be stored and in their next visit you can always be friendly and suggest food items as per their taste. This way, customers feel more comfortable and are encouraged to visit your restaurant often.

Promoting Referrals

Promoting referral systems will definitely fetch you more footfalls, both new as well as old. With this system, an additional 10 % off can be offered to the existing customer who is referring a new customer to his next visit.  You will see there will be more and more referrals and hence repeat footfalls will increase consistently.

achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant

Offer Loyalty programs for regular customers

When a customer visits your restaurants regularly, they can be provided with loyalty benefits. Loyalty plans can be designed smartly to encourage guests to come back to your restaurant and remember to keep the redemption process simple. This will encourage repeat footfalls within the customers and also encourage existing customer to influence new customers. Loyal customer’s names or photos can be sticked on a board in order to make them feel special and welcoming.

Always Follow Up with Customers

A great way to ensure repeat customers is to follow up with them after they have dined with you. A simple to the point thank you email will make the diners feel good. A section for any comments can be kept in which if a customer has something special to say, he can respond. Such an email should not be sent after 2 days of their dining experience, it should be sent on the same day or at the max on the next day. Avoid selling anything in such an email.

Your restaurant’s most important asset is its customers. Treat them with respect and care, whether they are first-timers or return visitors.

Listen to your customers and provide them with the needful and you are on the correct way to turning most of your customers to repeat footfalls!

Trilyo is a smart restaurant assistant or app that collects all your restaurants’ information from sales, promos, social media, payments, feedback across all channels to help you investigate customer better. We believe when you have deep insight about your guests, you can sell better. Knowing your guests better will assist you to achieve repeat footfalls at your restaurant significantly.

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