Restaurant Accounting Formulas that You should not miss

Restaurant Accounting Formulas

While running a restaurant, it is important to track your progress over time. By maintaining some of the metrics you can always be aware of the health of your business and identify areas of improvement. Here are some restaurant accounting formulas, every restaurant owner should keep track of in daily routine.   1.       FOOD COST PERCENTAGE […]

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Running a successful food franchise- Do’s and Dont’s!

dos and don'ts for food franchise

Investing in a franchise is a most rewarding experience for an entrepreneur but the decision on which franchise to buy is very critical and crucial because of the short and long term repercussions. To ensure that your decisions turn out to be fruitful and positive, it is very helpful to follow few tried and tested guidelines. […]

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Difference between a food chain and a franchise

Difference between food chain and franchise

To a layman, food chain and franchise may sound one and the same thing but in reality there is a huge difference between the two. These can be classified as 2 different models of business. Here are some key difference between food chain and franchise, the 2 forms of restaurant business: History Chain model has been initiated […]

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How to convert a single restaurant into a food chain

convert a single restaurant into a food chain

 Once your restaurant is fully functional and gaining at least 15-20 % profits you are most eligible to convert a single restaurant into a food chain. Your eatery should be capable of successfully running from a management manual then it is ready to become a chain. From greeting styles, decorating dishes to signature recipes, everything should […]

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