convert a single restaurant into a food chain

How to convert a single restaurant into a food chain

 Once your restaurant is fully functional and gaining at least 15-20 % profits you are most eligible to convert a single restaurant into a food chain. Your eatery should be capable of successfully running from a management manual then it is ready to become a chain. From greeting styles, decorating dishes to signature recipes, everything should be well documented in order to replicate. Replicating the same across various branches becomes the real challenge.

Research on existing food chains can help understand the process better. One such example of Indian food chain is a Bangalore-based fast food joint KaatiZone which serves specialized Kaati rolls. In every branch of KaatiZone, partially cooked food is exported from the centralized kitchen in the city in order to maintain the same cooking standards and hence same taste for each item. Another such example is Barbeque Nation (BBQ Nation). BBQ Nation is a Mumbai based restaurant, which was found in the year of 2006 and till date has opened 50 + branches across all the cities in India. Every table in any branch of Barbeque Nation outlet has a live-grill on it, which is used by guests to grill their pre-marinated dishes. The main challenge in these food chains is to set processes and standardize them across all branches. Some initial preparations to take into consideration while planning to convert your single restaurant into a food chain are listed below:

1.       Recipes and cooking standards

It is very important to maintain taste of same recipes across different chains of the same restaurant. Hence each step of each recipe should be written down in order to make it standard, which becomes easier for the kitchen cooks to follow and achieve the same results. Measurements and steps need to be clearly documented in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document.

2.       Staff training procedures

When you own a single restaurant, you can be physically present there all the time. But as the numbers multiply, you you cannot be present at all the places all the time. Hence an important aspect to turning a single outlet into a food chain is to train the staff in such a way that they can be substituted in your place: training manual help a great deal for this purpose. Staff behavior and their operating procedures should be standardized so that it’s same in each of the restaurant.

3.       Hiring trained locals

When you are running a successful restaurant and hence plan to start more branches it is easier to move the already trained staff into the new unit. But it is advisable to hire serving staff from the same area where the new restaurant is setup. Customers will be more comfortable with the staff which follows their language and style of living.  Experienced staff needs to be present on the floors for few weeks to see smooth operations and once that is achieved they can move back to the parent outlet.

4.       Managing off board operations

Managing off table operations for a single restaurant will be a cake walk after some initial experience, but managing it for more than a couple of branches stretches you thin. Proper staff needs to be maintained in order to maintain a good place on the internet as well as for coordination within the different branches of your restaurant. Consistently maintaining these well will positively impact your ROI because in today’s mobile web world, all these information are easily accessible by customer and hence reviewed regularly. Maintaining centralized data of customers, raw materials, etc. can be helpful.

These are some of the most important points to consider while converting a single restaurant into a food chain. It is challenging to turn a single restaurant into a food chain, but if done wisely and with proper guidance, it will fetch you high profits.

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