Different types of Restaurants

Deciding on the types of restaurants

As glamourous as the restaurant business may seem, there are many challenges to sustain it successfully. While the food may seem the most important aspect of it, it is just one aspect of the business. More important to a successful business is the customer experience along with other factors such as theme, location, management also play a critical role. Taking into consideration all these points, deciding the type of your restaurant plays a key role in deciding your success in the business.

While opening a restaurant one of the most initial things to decide upon is the food you want to serve. Type of cuisine plays a major role in deciding upon the concept, serving style, location, décor, ambience and theme of your restaurant. Different types of restaurants are classified here based on various parameters; most of them are inter-related and inter-linked:

Based on FOOD:

  1. Cuisine based

You can decide your restaurant to be cuisine based serving Asian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Continental or any such food. These days many restaurants serve multiple cuisines together based on the interest and location of the restaurant. With serving multiple cuisines, utmost care needs to be taken in the aspect of raw materials and  food maintenance in the kitchen.

  1. Dedicated restaurants

You can decide to serve only 1 or couple of dishes. There will be so many variations and combinations served for that dish. Pizza places, BBQs and sizzler places, Burger joints, fankie and roll joints are some of the restaurants of these types.

  1. Bar and Grill

Bars and grills mainly serve cocktails and mocktails of varied types alongwith some snacks and side dishes. In such restaurants, ambience plays a key role. The look of your bar and grill is key to drawing in diners — and having them return. Meticulous attention to details can earn high profits in this type of restaurant business.

  1. Casual Dining

Casual restaurants for dining off the hook are a very successful venture especially in a commercial areas. These are the restaurants where there will full meals sort of menu which will be very filling for regular employee class.

  1. Coffee Shop

Such Coffee Cafes are very happening meet up places for friends, where few mocktails, shakes, juices and beverages alongwith some casual ready to heat snacks are served. Such places should have a very comfortable sitting areas where generally customers tend to spend hours.

Based on CONCEPT:

  1. Fine Dine

A fine dine restaurant is a typical restaurant with an elegant ambience with a high-quality dining experience. The chefs in such restaurants are professionally trained and the food is fairly expensive. Naturally the investment required to establish such a restaurant is huge as well.

  1. Food Truck

These mobile eateries are famous for various reasons :low start-up cost, low labor charges and little overhead. Starting your own food truck requires same steps to follow but at a lower margin. It requires enormous dedication especially with respect to your time.

  1. Family Restaurant

Such restaurants have a really peaceful ambience where a family can cherish lovely time together with a delicious dinner. Normally such restaurants can be either middle scale or upscale restaurants, depending on restaurateurs’ budget. The ambience of such restaurants is very casual and informal.

  1. Café or Bistro

Such restaurants are places where normally table services are not provided. Customers order their food from a counter and serve themselves. A café menu traditionally offers things such as coffee, espresso, pastries, and sandwiches.

  1. Fast Food

Fast food joints are very good restaurants in college as well as busy shopping streets. The sitting area is simple and many a times there are many standing tables too. The serving style normally is quick for such types of restaurants. Faasos is an excellent example of this type of restaurant, whose branches are spread within 16 largest cities of India. Empire Restaurant is also one such restaurant gaining high popularity throughout the city of Bangalore with its various branches due to its quick serving approach.


  1. Quick Serve

These are the quick serving restaurant whose service takes hardly few minutes. These restaurants locations are very important as they generally have a drive-thru windows and take-out. Generally such restaurants are fast-food joints of burgers, sandwiches, juices, etc.

  1. Middle level

These restaurants are middle level restaurants serving full meals, normally as al a carte. These restaurants serve as very good family restaurants. The food is medium priced.

  1. Upscale

Such restaurants are highly expensive restaurants. Most of these restaurants serve buffet as well as al a carte. Many of such restaurants are theme based, like Pirates themed “The Black Pearl” in Bangalore, 1940’s  themed JW Café-JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar , etc.

Deciding on the types of restaurants is very important in order to draw plans for all other aspects. Your interest plays a vital role in deciding the types of restaurants you would like to lead. Other parameters worth taking into account are current trends, profitability, sustainability and personal requirements.

Restaurant business in definitely not an easy one with so many things to consider starting from deciding on type of your Restaurant to focusing on target customers. And, Yes Yes we very well know , customers are the most integral part of it,  half of the game is already lost without listening to them.

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