Marketing strategy for restaurant

Marketing strategy for restaurant : Power of Facebook & Instagram

In today’s day and age, everyone needs digital marketing as smart phones have replaced the newspaper and the yellow pages. Information is available at the fingertips at any given point of time there is no point in trying to being conventional, it is time to join the bandwagon and get digital. In this blog post, we will speak about the two most powerful and important tools in digital marketing, Facebook & Instagram.  

The most powerful tool for digital marketing today is Facebook, that as we all know is the obvious, but what restaurant owners don’t know is that to optimize reach on Facebook, the following which if followed would help the restaurant reach out to the right clients:

  • Your Facebook page profile picture should be your restaurant logo. Never leave the same blank.
  • The cover page should also be updated and not left blank, showcase a popular or recommended dish with a description if possible. If you are a chain of restaurants, you could indicate all the branches! Keep changing your cover picture on a regular basis.
  • Update as many details as you can for e.g. address, timings, Google location, contact numbers, etc.
  • Use as many pictures as possible, as today, photos and videos are the most shared content on Facebook. It is important to spend on a good photographer for best results.
  • As and when possible, create short videos of no more than a minute as short videos speak louder than images. The content of the same can be an interview with a chef, or a video of a dish being prepared, this will create a bigger impact on your audience.
  • Do not blindly boost your posts or page, carefully target your posts for optimum reach. If you are spending money, try for the best ROI possible with targeting your audience.

The second most powerful tool in digital marketing is Instagram as content can be searched based by #hashtags. Facebook today gives you an organic reach of about 10% of your total likes whereas, everyone who follows you on Instagram will get your post on their feed. The following will help you target audience and gain followers:

  • Create a unique hashtag for yourself, use that with all your posts, display the same on tent-cards on the table for customer posting anything about you can use the same so that any post, whether a picture of a video related about your establishment is all under one hashtag.
  • You can use 30 hashtags with every post, choose the hashtags wisely for optimum reach of your post.
  • Always use location as that is another way to ensure all pictures pertaining to your establishment are again under a single search.
  • Post on a regular basis to keep your followers engaged. 

While the above mentioned tools work best as far as marketing and reach is concerned, people still look for a personal touch and that is where Email and SMS comes in. To achieve a personal touch, the best tool is a good CRM software which can collect important relevant personal information which creates an excellent database. This information can then be used for your Email and SMS marketing campaigns like seasonal greetings, coupon codes and information about special events.

An amalgamation of all the above would be a complete marketing plan for your restaurant. We, at Trilyo, help you to understand each customer better with the help of various social media platforms in order to enhance your sales significantly.

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