Restaurant Marketing Plan : how to market your restaurant digitally

Restaurant Marketing Plan : How to market your restaurant digitally

Although digital marketing has become of great importance, more than half of the restaurants surveyed don’t even have a website to begin with and less than 40 % of independent restaurants include their menu on their website. Restaurateurs need to work hard on Restaurant Marketing Plan on digital marketing aspect and increase their presence in the digital world.

There is a rapid shift in the market from mainstream advertising media to alternative media. Where previously brochures, newspaper advertisements, door to door publicity were the keys for marketing, now digital marketing in the form of social media, advertisements, emails, review sites has completely taken over. It is predicted to be the future of marketing. So Restaurateurs need to rework on Restaurant Marketing Plan and deeply analyze it before investing.

The facts that digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, streamlined and versatile make it very much adoptable in the present age. Hence digital marketing has become inevitable in today’s world. Here are some tips that is to be included in Restaurant Marketing Plan : how to market your restaurant digitally:

1.            Have your own functional Website

A functional website with responsive interactions plays the most important role in digitally marketing your restaurant. Make this your first priority, because it will serve as the platform for all the digital marketing ideas for your restaurant. Website is just as important as your restaurant’s physical address. Hence publicize your website on all your advertisements, brochures, food delivery bags, containers, everywhere.

2.           Marking your presence on Social Media

In today’s digital world, social media has evolved from being cyber world geek buzz to a massive anchor for businesses, professionals and organizations at a very economical price. In today’s world, it’s a crime not to acknowledge and take advantage of social media. Your restaurant should have individual pages on all social media sites which are updated daily.

3.           Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way of addressing a group of audience at a time with the purpose of enhancing the relationship with current and previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to visit your restaurant repeatedly. Advertise your restaurant via emails with coupon codes or new products. Individual emails can be sent on birthdays and anniversaries of the customers with some special discount or some free loyalty card.

4.           Active participation on review websites

E-commerce websites have tremendous power in driving the customers in today’s era. Having positive reviews on such website can do wonders to your restaurants’ profit. You have to be absolutely proactive and dress up your accounts well with photos, information on restaurant hours, menus, price range, mentioning about amenities like Wi-Fi, outdoor sitting, and valet parking. Collecting customer information and feedbacks from all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and working on those points will boost your sales significantly.

5.           Sign in into Google Account

Google assists restaurateurs in running their business greatly. It has a suite of products like Maps, YouTube, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords and many more. All the Google products sync with each other so the only thing you need to take care of is that the information is always latest and updated.

Just as digital world is important for restaurateurs equally it is for customers as well. Customers make 100% use of digital world as they have access to complete information, expert opinions, low cost digital channels, reviews and greater transparency than ever before. Thus in order to grow successful and run a profitable business, customer feedback has to be valued the most.

Trilyo collects all the customer data from different platforms which can be used for analysis and studying the customers’ requirements and feedbacks. Taking action on these items will increase customer satisfaction which in turn produces tremendous returns in sales.


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