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Why Tablet POS Systems are getting so trendy in restaurant Industry?

The use of tablet has increased significantly, and F & B industry is not an exception to it. Research suggests that the use of table POS systems will increase by 3 times till 2018. Here are some Tablet POS Systems Advantages due to which its gaining so much of popularity in the restaurant industry:

1.       No waiting, Line Busting

A line busting concept is a relatively new concept for making it possible to complete your order anywhere on the premise or even outside the restaurant. This enables QSR sector greatly to take orders and payments from customers anywhere in the premise, including waiting area and drive-through lane. Customers can be attended quickly and hence customer dissatisfaction and frustration due to increased wait time can be avoided greatly. Anytime, customers prefer restaurants with no or very less waiting time, over a long wait time.  


2.       Less expensive than the traditional on table POS

A traditional on-table POS’s hardware, installation and configuration charges incurred are much more higher compared to a tablet POS System in today’s era. Technologies like computers get outdated daily, so investing too much in traditional POS System is quite risky. When operating from multiple locations, tablet POS System comes in very handy.  Even with one location, a wireless POS enables taking multiple order and multiple payments simultaneously 

3.       Enhanced ordering and payment facility

Multiple ordering and multiple tables’ payment can be made simultaneously with the Tablet POS System. Some systems even provide the facility of self ordering from the tablet enhancing user experience. Using tableside tablets to provide entertainment to the children with movies, cartoons, etc can attract customers of all age groups.

 4.       Easier for taking customer feedback

Taking feedback on tablet is more convenient than traditional way of taking feedback with a pen and paper. With tablet POS Systems, customer feedback can be managed in a much smoother way. Report generation from these feedbacks for analysis can be done more efficiently.

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