Food Industry Trends of 2017

4 food industry trends of 2017 no restaurant owners should miss

Stability in the ever-changing market is the biggest challenge faced by the restaurant owners. Here are some guidelines which can help you out to be stable in the market for the year 2017. Let’s have a look at the food industry trends of 2017.

1.       Technology Drive

Technology has been observed as a great influencing factor in narrowing down the dining in options. With the increased food listing websites like Zomato, FoodPanda, TripAdvisor, Timeout, Just Eat, etc it is very easy for people to access different restaurants’ information- menu, reviews, and ratings. In the rush hours, online delivery options are most sort after. In order to be at par with the market trends, it is very essential to mark your online presence and be active significantly.   

2.       Healthy Food is climbing up the customer preference charts

Studies quote that 88 % of consumers are willing to pay more for healthier food options. People are looking for healthy and indulgent food options. Hence French fries, coke, burgers, etc will still be there on the menu but the preferences on selecting the types of bread and vegetables have become healthier these days. Hygiene has become another concern for people these days due to increased health hazards caused due to unhygienic food consumption. It is predicted that at one point in time people are ready to pay extra for healthier and hygienic option for the same dish at 2 places.

3.       Service charge waive off option

Service charge is added by the restaurant for providing its services in addition to government levied 12.5 % value added tax and 6 % service tax. Towards the start of 2017, the central government has asked state governments to advise hotels/restaurants to display that the service charges are voluntary and a customer who is dissatisfied by the services can have it waived off. Hence, for restaurant owners this decision has brought in an additional aspect to take utmost care about- providing satisfactory services to the customers. A happy customer would always be glad to pay the additional service charges which would in turn be impacting your profit sums.

food industry trends 2017

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4.       Retail Stores In Dining

Retail Stores are offering an in person unique social experience preferred by tons of customers over online shopping experience. Naturally, people spend long hours lingering the shops and malls for shopping. It is the growing trend this year that during such lingering, people always prefer to dine in at options available within the stores or malls rather than specifically moving out and going to a restaurant. Thus there is an increasing trend of restaurants within the stores and mall to accommodate customers where they are busy with shopping.

 food industry trends 2017

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