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5 Smart Ways to Boost Hotel Bookings and Revenue

5 Smart Ways To Boost Hotel Bookings And Revenue

Running a successful hotel is an ongoing challenge that requires the combined forces of both management and staff. All policies must be in the proper place to make sure that daily operations run smoothly and all hotel guests are treated well. It is fair to say that the primary goal of almost every operator and owner of a hotel is to make big profits. To achieve such a goal the focus needs to be on both revenues and costs. Hotels can boost their bottom line by increasing revenues or decreasing costs. The challenge becomes even greater when you’re immersed in managing the day-to-day operations of your hotel. Ideally, you want to increase your top line (sales) and decrease your expenses (variable and fixed costs) to get the biggest increase in your hotel’s bottom line.

It might look quite easy, and also very tempting, to think that slashing rates of your hotel rooms will skyrocket the sales and also more number of rooms will be booked in your hotel and you can increase the room revenue during the week. While in some cases, it may sell a few rooms, the discounting strategy rarely sells enough to reimburse the curtailed revenue. So what to do? It’s vital to keep in mind that lowering the rates don’t create demand; they can set the wrong expectations for guests and erode your price integrity. Instead, you can think of adding more value to beat the revenue blues, right?. So, here are the 5 guaranteed ways to skyrocket your hotel occupancy rate & revenue.

AI-powered Chatbots

If your hotel’s website has an AI-powered chatbot then consider half of the problem is solved! Many companies provide chatbots service but it's important to integrate services with companies who have a strong expertise in hospitality industry like Trilyo.


AI powered chatbot for better customer engagement and customer satisfaction-2


Chatbots are the latest buzz in the hospitality industry and everyday more number of hotels are becoming tech-savvy by employing these trends in their business. Chatbots are great because they automatically starts the conversation without waiting for the guest to break the ice. With chatbots, you can easily boost hotel occupancy and revenue by engaging the guests with real-time queries solving; so that the guests can know you care for them and they will always come back to you.

The power of SEO

Effective SEO is important to raise the visibility of your hotel online. To increase the levels of visitor traffic to your hotel website a hotel must ensure that they are properly set up to be visible on search engine results pages (SERPs).SEO allows your hotel to improve in search engine rankings and ultimately aim to rank higher up in the SERPs. The benefits of optimizing your hotel for search include:

  • Keeping your hotel ahead of the competition
  • Establishing credibility and authority
  • Improving hotel customer loyalty and engagement
  • Increasing hotel brand awareness by reaching a wider audience
  • Generating interest in your business
  • Building traffic to your hotel website

With all the aforementioned points, you can increase the revenue like a cakewalk.


SEO plays a vital role in increasing the occupancy rate-1


Make your guests feel at home

You can always try to make your guests feel at home with voice-based solutions. This is the tool for hands-free conversation and the guests will start receiving custom-tailored solutions & recommendations based on their behavior and preference. Also, the voice-based solution can act as a digital concierge service that will assist the guests to discover more about your hotels, i.e. latest information on the spa offers & dining and cafe menu. They also have the power to up-sell and cross-sell your services so that you can achieve better hotel occupancy and increased revenue.


Giving hyper-personalised recommendations to your guest will boost your revenue-1


Retarget your guests

Remarketing is really important because the guests that already stayed in your hotel won’t know much about you if they visited for the first time. So, cover all the platforms where your guests are present; target the millennial travelers on social media and others on calls. Send emails and SMS to make them aware about your service and ongoing offers and discounts, if any. With such efforts, you can easily increase your revenue and occupancy rate because these strategies will make the customer know you better. Ask for reviews & feedbacks and give them proper rewards in terms of stay (by personalizing their guest experience) when they visit your hotel the next time.


Retarget your guests on all touch-points to increase your hotel revenue-1


Employ a responsive website with CTA(s)

This is not a surprising fact that we all are available on mobile when it comes to connectivity. So, you can try to build a responsive website that looks proper and decent on mobiles so that who are present there can know more about your hotel. Also, implement a proper and catchy CTA (Call to Action) button so that whoever is visiting your website can perform some action (maybe inquiry or book a room!). A responsive website can help you to increase your revenue by making the visitors stay longer on your website; longer the stay, better the chance of conversion, right? Try to utilize breadcrumbs so the visitor can navigate easily on your website and can explore different sections too without wasting time and energy.


A responsive website is one of the best way to increase your hotel booking-1


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