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5 Tips to increase restaurant sales without discounting


In today’s competitive world, you have to continuously keep thinking of new and creative ideas to boost sales to be ahead in the market. It is always a good idea to brainstorm with your whole team to get many creative ideas to boost sales. Always providing a traditional discount is not so much attractive in these times when your competitors are way ahead in taking measures to boost sales. Here are some great ideas to boost sales consistently.

Free meal a day or future coupons

It’s always good to surprise your customer and if the surprise is a pleasant one it’s even better. You can run small contests daily or may be pick guests randomly and give out meal vouchers for future or serve a free meal on the same day. This will encourage people to visit your restaurant with a motivation to get lucky with the vouchers! Giving genuine future coupons of discounts or free meal will encourage the customer to come back atleast once to redeem the offer.

Stress on Upselling

Upselling by 5–10 % definitely makes a difference at the end of the day. When a customer is making an order, staff members should always engage with them while they are deciding the items and suggest items that are your specialties/compliment an existing dish/ slightly higher on cost(not always advisable). At the day end, these individual items will play a key role in total sales. The staff members who are observed to be good at upselling can give training to other staff members on the same. (Note: Upselling needs to be done very smartly and wisely and only when the customer is open to options. Please bear in mind at no point of time this should look like pushing)

Make the first Timer’s come back

From a customer’s point of view, a customer’s very good first experience at a restaurant plays a key role in deciding their future visits. A first time customer is easily identifiable. The staff must be trained in such a way to notice customers and communicate to them accordingly. It is always fruitful to help a first time customer with deciding on items, clearing their doubts on portions or size of the meals, etc. Engaging a customers gives them a comfort zone and they tend to be more open to feedback, suggestions and spread the word.

Encourage Staff to be kind: they are your ultimate salesperson

Always encourage your staff to be serving with a happy face, ultimately they are the real sales person in this business. It is observed that the attitude of the staff is given equal preference as the taste of the food by customers. So you should always encourage your staff to perform better. You can keep the “Employee of the Month” Award and publish on all your social media sites. Many a time’s their personal educational achievements, or some happy encouraging incident with a customer can be promoted with their photos on social media websites. This would create a feeling of yearning for better performance by each staff member.

Increase Prices (Slightly)

Normally regulars would remember prices of the items they are fond of, at your restaurant. So a high increase in prices may cause some disappointment in such customers leading them to discontinue with your restaurant. Hence always increase your per item prices slightly.

You can start to follow one of the above ideas and see its results. Only if the results are satisfying follow all of these ideas. We are certain of good ROIs even with any one of the above idea followed sincerely.

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