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6 Must-Know hacks to design a great restaurant website

Your website should not end up as a placeholder on the internet but should be exploited fully as a profit raising opportunity. Website can serve as a very good interface for visitors to get used to your menu, style, services and interior. It has become a necessary attribute for modern day businesses. Designing your restaurant website may seem easy on the surface, but still there are few tricks here you should totally follow to feel proud of your restaurant website design.

1. Target Audience

It is a key to running a successful business- knowing your target audience even before you start your business. As per your restaurant location as well as planned menu, look for the expected audience you may attract. If it is an area with lots of schools and colleges, you are bound to have young crowd as customers. Youngsters would prefer jazzy and showbiz stuffs, so your restaurant can be more fun, attractive and colorful!. Your website should be designed based on the needs of your target audience. 

2. Keep it Simple

Keep the website design very simple that any person not having too much computer knowledge can also go through your restaurant website smoothly. All important and mandatory pages should be included like a home page, menu, “About Us” page and a contact us page. A review page also can be added, which would make customers feel their importance as well as for driving new customers.

3. Use Color Codes

Colors often influence user behavior more than expected. You should pick colors that appeal to a wider range of audience. The four main trending colors of restaurant industry are: brown, white, red and black. Often for a pure vegetarian restaurant green is given higher significance. Red color is often used for fast food restaurants, as it signifies passion and desire.

4. Add Appetizing pictures

Images are the best way to grab audience attention and make users to click on them to find more. Images should be good in quality and attractive. For your restaurants, mainly you can have 2 types of images:

  • · Restaurant Interiors: Images focusing on capturing the ambience of restaurant in order to attract audience. Even kitchen pictures promoting cleanliness can be used.null


  • · Food Items: Mouthwatering snaps of food items can be captured and uploaded on the website. Food preparation images can also be taken.


 5. Make it Mobile friendly

Having a great looking website is good, but in today’s era having it mobile friendly plays as equally important role in customer satisfaction. Ignoring the increasing mobile friendly audience can incur a huge loss on number of potential customers. Customers should be able to locate your restaurant easily on the mobile city maps.

  • · Location should be easily available on the city maps
  • · Menu designing should be mobile friendly and not direct uploads of scanned menu
  • · Good ease of use on mobile, while ordering online




6. Sync between your restaurant and website

There should be a good sync between your restaurant’s look and feel, interiors and ambience with your website’s design. A person visiting your website, or your other social media pages, should get a virtual sense of your restaurant. Images can really help in achieving this sync between your restaurant and website.

Following the above points and designing a website will give you guaranteed rise in website visitors which in turn will bring in more customers to your restaurant. 

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