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8 Unique Ways Hoteliers can Manage Time Effectively

8 Unique Ways Hoteliers Can Manage Time Effectively-1

We all know that time is money, so, let’s start with a fact and see how can a hotelier save some time! According to Forrester Research, 39% of the hoteliers spend their valuable time on useless things that can be managed quite easily. By this fact, it is conspicuous enough that the hoteliers need to save their time. But the question pertains and persist- how? Is there a way by which a hotel manager can save their time and utilize it for other important and priority oriented things! And the answer is- Yes!

As a hotel manager, you likely find yourself wearing more hats than you ever dreamed you would. The long hours, high industry turnover rate and increasingly demanding guest expectations can add to the strain of performing well. With so many aspects of hotel management to focus on, it is important to prioritize where you should be focusing your customer service and marketing efforts. Here in this blog, we will see 8 different ways by which a hotelier can optimize their time and utilize it for achieving better guest experience and satisfaction.

1. Utilize instant messaging: Have a dependable channel of communication for employees and management. For example, WhatsApp and Slack can help both small and large hotels become more efficient by creating message groups for each hotel or department. Hotel employees can then relay guest needs and actionable items to all staff within moments, saving time and improving guest services while keeping management informed.

Instant Messaging


2. Automation techniques: Automation has been a hot topic in the hospitality industry over the past few months. From AI concierges to electronic butlers to fully robotic hotels, hotels have been embracing this technology to improve their operations and revolutionize the guest experience. The main stance is that automation has an important place in hotels as long as it doesn’t supplant quality service. It is believed that automation can complement the human touch and open doors to meaningful conversations between guests and hotels.

Automation Techniques


3. Live-guest notifications: Hotels can use scripted messages to respond to guest requests and comments using a mobile guest engagement solution. Furthermore, through a menu interface, guests can use their mobile devices to request items and services from various hotel departments. Guests can check in to or out of the hotel using their mobile devices or an on-site kiosk, allowing them to skip the line at the front desk.

Live Guest Notifications


4. Staff optimization: The people who run your operation, from housekeeping to front desk, will be the creators of the guest experience that dictate your hotel’s reputation. As a manager, you can help them develop their skill sets and remain excited about the role they play in your hotel’s success. Take time to listen to how they foresee their careers developing and become their champion. By showing your commitment to your staff, you will develop a culture of dedication and professionalism that guests will inevitably notice in their high performance.

Staff Optimisation


5. Staffless hotels: A considerable amount of energy and time can be saved via staffless hotels. The staffless hotels will cut your costs to a great extent and you can easily employ chatbots to boost your brand recognition and bookings hassle freely. The chatbots understand the guests; priority and needs, thanks to AI and they respond accordingly. With chatbots, your business is now available 24*7 and you don’t have to rely on employing customer representatives to solve guest queries. Moreover, you can employ the staff for rendering a better human-touch whenever possible and with chatbots, you can easily skyrocket your revenue and business (better customer engagement & experience with fewer staff members).

Staffless hotels


6. Outsource whenever possible: Outsourcing your certain tasks can save loads of time and you can utilize it for better human touch and redefining your guest experience. A hospitality professional can’t be expected to also be a professional accountant, marketer, website designer, photographer, and maintenance person as well. Save time and hire an expert. This is often the most affordable option in the long run, too.

Outsource whenever possible


7. High-Fidelity internet: Internet is the food for everyone these days and especially the millennial travelers. Invest in a high-speed Internet connection to avoid long loading times when you’re online working with your hotel images, processing bookings, or monitoring bookings. Your guests will also be thankful for the high-quality connection. Also, the entire process that includes post-stay can be easily solved and managed via high speed internet connectivity.

High fedility internet


8. Voice and chat-based services: Using a chatbot for room service meal orders is much more efficient than having a guest calling the kitchen. Chatbots can provide photos of the menus, enabling guests to click and instantly order. With proper integration into the hotel’s system, a chatbot can provide the guest updates on how long the wait will be before the meal arrives and what the total of the order was. A guest can also demand a fresh set of towels or blanket over chatbots, the query will travel to the respective department and without any hassle, the guest will get what he/she needs or demands at the instant.Similarly, employing a voice-based solution will also save time and energy of hoteliers. How? We know about the fact the guests always want something new from a hotel and most of the millennial travelers look for the latest technology to stay connected always.

Voice & Chat based services


With Amazon Alexa you’re giving something new to them and making them your loyal customers. A device that can know your guests in a way that will astonish you. Voice-based solutions will make your hotel more intelligent and smarter in all ways and you can now have a redefined customer experience that will take your business, guest-engaging capabilities, and scope of hotel bookings to a whole new level that you’ll appreciate for sure.

So, now we know what needs to be done, right? It’s high time that the hoteliers need to follow the aforementioned points to save their valuable time as well as energy. Trilyo thrives to boost and improve your existing customer engagement thereby enhancing brand advocacy & boosting your brand relevancy. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a Demo with us to know how to manage time effectively.Kindly comment on what other steps have you taken to manage time effectively?

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