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Smartest Trends for Tech-Savvy Hotels to Stay Ahead in the Game

Smartest Trends For Tech-Savvy Hotels To Stay Ahead In The Game-1

Smart is the new cool! Nowadays, the hospitality industry is adapting numerous technology trends to survive in the long run because they know that if they can’t they will lose. Keeping the point in mind, many hotels giants like Marriott Hotels have introduced the first ever in-room virtual reality travel experience. The best part of utilizing VR in your services is that the guest won’t have to leave their rooms in order to experience your hotel and its amenities. They can chill inside their room and with the help of VR they can see the entire hotel in a glance. In the year 2060, international travelers will be able to expect augmented reality, artificial intelligence, morphing beds, robotics, touchscreen technology on basically everything, hyper connectivity, and more, all of this according to the Hotels of the Future study released by

Also, a number of hotels in China and Japan have introduced front-desk robots to entertain their guests. The Henn na – or Weird Hotel said that they received positive response from the guests and now, they are experiencing an uplift in guest engagement. A number of hotels are utilizing several voice and chat-based solutions to get smarter because they want to redefine their customer experience and come forward in the game with flying colours. Apart from that, the hospitality industry is also incorporating Artificial Intelligence onto business with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) so that a guest (especially a millennial traveler) can stay connected all the time with their work, friends, and surrounding. So, let us know how a hotel can get smarter!

It’s definitely an avant-garde idea to introduce front-desk robots. Right? Some of the advancements that we all can expect during our stay in a hotel are:

  • Sensors attuned to guests
  • Room keys that use facial recognition
  • A television that talks back
  • Touch screen surfaces everywhere
  • Bathrooms that have smart toilets and mirrors that stream real-time television content
  • Wireless temperature controls that are able to automatically adjust

With robots, the guest can directly ask any query to them without being dependent on the staff and with machine learning and NLP, the robot will answer to the guests; without any delay. This experience will definitely leave an impact on the guests and they will want to come back to you, again and again.

Alexa makes your hotel more intelligent! Render hyper-personalized recommendations to the guests and redefine your customer experience- Trilyo


The main idea is not about pushing buttons; it’s about accessing any information in order to better experience your destination. A smart hotel is one that will be able to deliver you information about the location in which you’re staying in order to create an experience.

The idea for a smart hotel will be less about the accommodations, and more about the experience—an experience that happens as you explore your destination. After all, that’s why we travel, right? Smart hotels will plug in to smart cities to know what’s happening that may be of interest to you, with the idea that you will then go out to explore.

Voice and chat-based solutions are becoming a crucial ingredient in the recipe of success for the hospitality industry. This service is really important when it comes to redefine your customer experience because the voice-based solutions give your customers hyper-personalized recommendations based on their behaviour and preferences. With the help of voice-based service, you can engage your customers by solving real-time queries and providing concierge services; e.g. if your customer wants a fresh blankets, they can communicate over a IoT device and get the thing done; it’s that easy!

Incorporating chatbots in your business makes your more tech-savvy and your business presence is always 24*7- Trilyo


Chatbots or more commonly they’re known as chat-based solutions is an interesting way to engage with your customers, because they respond fast; really fast! Also, they are smart, since they are built with the latest AI norms, like- Natural-Language Processing. Chatbots and voice based solutions understand your query & preferences and render proper solutions in seconds. How? The chatbot learns automatically, without any human help; the more the conversation, the better it understands your guests.

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