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Tips for Hotels in South-East Asia to Attract the Millennial Backpackers- Trilyo

Tips For Hotels In South-East Asia To Attract The Millennial Backpackers- Trilyo-1

Millennial travelers are everywhere! They are always traveling and want to stay connected all the time with their surroundings. Before delving deeper, let us see some of the interesting stats on this group. Millennials are young people born between 1981 and 2000, coming of age politically, economically and socially at the start of the new millennium. In 2016, they ranged in age from 20 to 35. Demographically, they’re an important consumer segment: they account for about 24% of the EU and 27% of the USA adult populations. By 2020, Millennials will comprise half of the global workforce.

In the travel industry, South-East Asia is flourishing and more number of millennial travelers are willing to explore this region. The South-eastern Asia is blessed with a wealth of natural wonders, including rivers, thundering waterfalls, verdant mountains and pristine beaches. Statistics show that 86% of millennials travel to experience a new culture and 49% book last-minute vacations. The behaviours that have been associated with this generation are; they are social, connected with the world and have a strong online presence. But the question is still pertaining- How can the hoteliers attract more number of millennial travelers? What are the things they are missing on? There are some factors that hoteliers can’t miss out on any cost to attract the backpackers and the most important element that will distinguish you from your fellow contemporaries is- hyper-personalization!

Numerous travel brands such as, Expedia and Trivago have already caught on that the most successful way to attract the millennial generation is through personalisation. They are engaging with millennials and giving them elements of choice, such as using personalised emails, asking specific questions based on the customers’ preferences. This generation wants to be wowed and feel special. This makes online personalisation the key to attracting them. As millennials would rather avoid human interactions, it is best to have online personalisation elements. This is due to the fact that they want to have things resolved at a faster pace. The important point to consider is that- how quickly can you solve the raising issues of the millennials! Are you efficient or just being ne'er-do-well!

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Whether its south-east Asia or rest of the world, millennials speak technology first, words later. Be the hotel that can be accessed on every device, without a decrease in aesthetic and efficiency. Be the hotel that has a social profile on every channel. Be the hotel that has free WiFi, readily accessible outlets, an app, text update regarding happy hour specials and the like, etc. etc. Right now, technology is cool, though we hesitate to use that word knowing it’s not cool to say anymore. Seriously though, it’s no longer that you should have a mobile-optimized website, you must have one, and if you don’t, then don’t expect many millennial travelers to be booking rooms. To keep this simple – every step of the travel experience must be supported digitally. Also, try to introduce IoT and VR in your business so that a backpacker can know about all the amenities of your hotel without leaving their room.

Try to solve a millennial’s issue with voice and chat-based solutions. These are fast and the best part is- devices like Amazon Alexa can render hyper-personalized recommendations as well as it acts as a digital butler. Now, let’s know something more about the chatbots! A chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via textual or auditory methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. These bots are capable of solving several real-time issues of the millennial travelers, makes your business available 24*7 as well as they boost your brand relevance and take it to the max.

Another point to consider for the south-east Asian hotels is that- Millennials are a generation of value hunters. Statistics show that 68% of millennials are most loyal, to the program where they have the most rewards accumulated. The top reward categories amidst Millennials are; cash, freebies, upgrades, extra amenities and discounts. The important fact about Millennials and loyalty programs is that 75% will remain loyal to a hotel brand, even if they have lost all their reward points. So making sure your hotel has a loyalty program is a guaranteed way of attracting millennials.

South-East Asian markets are targetting millennial travelers by using the latest tech-Trilyo


This group of millennial backpackers is tech savvy. Millennials grew up with the Internet and navigate it like pros. They’re their own travel agents and they’re always on the go. Almost half of them research their travel plans via mobile devices. And 85% of them own a smartphone. They use it to stay in touch, connect on social media, take photos, and make purchases. To grab their attention, you need to ensure that your website and online profiles look good on mobile devices. List your hotel on metasearch and booking platforms with mobile-responsive websites and apps. When you do, potential guests will be able to check out your hotel on whatever device it is they’re using to search for and book accommodations.

Last, but not the least, the millennials live for memorable experiences, not products! They want to feel that they’re a part of something unique, and they’re constantly on the lookout for matchless opportunities. Instead of trying to sell them your hotel room, tell them about the history, culture, and unique surroundings that define your property. Illustrate and promote a lifestyle on social media by uploading eye-catching photos or videos of the food, sights, and sounds of your locale. Once you’ve caught their attention, they’ll quickly see that you provide accommodations as well. Redefine their guest experience by engaging them in a better way and exceeding their expectations by implementing AI into your business. Artificial Intelligence has become an important part and parcel of the south-east hoteliers and many of them have started implementing them in their hotel business. Now is the time for hotel brands to fix their eyes on the future of the industry and adapt to the wants and needs of their biggest customer group.

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