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Voice & Chat-Based Solutions are the Windfall for Hospitality Industry

Voice & Chat-Based Solutions Are The Windfall For Hospitality Industry

It’s the high-time to evolve and adapt because if you fall behind; you’ll be out of the game and for obvious reasons you don’t want that! If we talk about the ever blooming hospitality industry voice and chat-based solutions are becoming an innate part and parcel and many hoteliers are utilizing chatbots on their websites and voice-based solutions in their hotel rooms, like- Amazon Alexa. Chatbots have been all the buzz these days.

You see them in abundance in Facebook Messenger. What might be the reason for this sudden surge in chatbots? Why are they getting so popular? The purpose of chatbots is to support and scale business teams in their relations with customers. Doing this helps businesses save a lot of money which is why many business owners are adopting this technology. And given the fact that these bots can be placed in places like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, SMS based or on your own website gives you the potential to reach a bigger audience.

Voice-based solutions renders hyper-personalized recommendations and engages your guests better in every possible way- Trilyo


Chatbots may sound like a futuristic notion, but according to Global Web Index statistics, it is said that 75% of internet users are adopting one or more messenger platforms. Although research shows us that each user makes use of an average of 24 apps a month, wherein 80% of the time would be in just 5 apps. This means you can hardly shoot ahead with an app, but you still have high chances to integrate your chatbot with one of these platforms.

There is no doubt that chatbots are crucial for your business and if used properly it has the potential to skyrocket your revenue, build better brand relevance and loyalty. A chatbot can also solve real-time queries and render custom-tailored solutions based upon your preferences. A chatbot is generally made on the latest NLP (Natural-Language Processing) norms and it gets smarter every time it converse with a guest.

After few conversations, the bot can know and anticipate the needs of a guest! That's right. With chatbots, your business is available 24*7 and you can solve check-in/out issues with the back of your hand. With chatbots, you can have a staff-less hotel, too! A staff-less hotel is one which has almost no staff and is fully automated; from voice to chat-based solutions. One of the greatest advantage of incorporating a chatbot on your website is that you can free the staff for better human touch whenever required and also a chatbot can cut all the intermediaries in between; the query of the guest will be solved by the bot instantly.

Chatbots are a great source of conversation and it assists a guest from pre-booking to post-stay- Trilyo


Trilyo is assisting several hotels to get smarter and tech-savvy! How? By rendering services in voice and chat-based solutions. Mr. Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott Group of Hotels said in a conference- “We were having a thought of introducing a chatbot on our website but we were skeptic. But now we are happy that we went for it because we are getting myriads of positive feedback from our guests and that’s a good sign, right.” A chatbot can do wonders in the hospitality industry; Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen – one of the reasons to suspect that the hotel booking engine as we know it will eventually go away or at least no longer be the main focus. Last, but not the least- a chatbots magically improves your hotel occupancy and axe-down the friction in your hospitality marketing efforts; so by spending less money you can attain better traffic and more number of guests.

Similarly, a voice-bot or voice-based solution is also nifty for the hospitality industry because it saves considerable time and effort by becoming a tool for hands-free conversation and the guest who is already staying in your hotel won’t have to leave their room in order to know more about the other amenities and extra benefits. While hotel experimentation with Amazon Alexa has been limited so far, hoteliers are reporting that guest feedback has been largely positive. Also, with voice-based solutions, a query from the guest would directly go to the respective department and can be solved efficiently.

Voice-based solutions has the power to upsell and cross-sell a hotel’s other features without touting. For example, a guest has arrived to your hotel after a long and tiring journey; so Amazon Alexa can suggest them to try the hotel’s spa section or pool area for refreshment. Another advantage of incorporating and utilizing a voice-based service in a hotel is that you can provide them digital concierge services without employing an attendant! How? Amazon Alexa can act as a digital butler and with the help of Artificial Intelligence it can anticipate a guest’s demand prior to saying it; for example food preference of a guest or their exercise habits.

One of the best advantages of having a voice-based solution in your hotel is- rendering custom-tailored and hyper-personalized recommendations to the guests. With this, you can make your brand more relevant, build better customer loyalty and engage your guests in a better way than before.

Trilyo thrives to skyrocket customer engagement thereby enhancing brand relevancy & boosting your brand advocacy.

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