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Voice Enabled Assistants are the Future Go-To Hotel Butlers

Voice Enabled Assistants Are The Future Go-To Hotel Butlers

Technology is continuously changing our lives on an everyday basis and we are loving it because change is good, right? One of the best Apple products - Siri has become an important part and parcel of our lives and we use it almost on an everyday basis to search restaurants, hotels, sightseeing places, cafe, and more. The hospitality industry is also undergoing several changes and hands-free communication is trending and thriving for the future to be your digital butler and provide you concierge services. Amazon Alexa and Siri will transform your guest experience completely by rendering you hyper-personalized and custom-tailored recommendations based on your behaviour and preferences.

Amazon Alexa can anticipate your needs by knowing you better since it gets smarter every time it converse and it can tell you about various other services during your stay in the hotel. Alexa’s battle with Apple’s Siri over personalized-digital assistants is moving to a whole new level: hotel rooms, where Alexa and Siri are both vying to be the voice-controlled platform of choice for travelers. Preference of Alexa or Siri completely depends on the hotel based on their needs and services and both the assistants are trying to cover the nascent market for future stability and dominance.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot devices developed by Amazon Lab126. The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices and can be utilized in the hospitality industry as a home automation system. Users can extend the Alexa capabilities by installing "skills" which are the additional functionality developed by third-party vendors, in other settings more commonly called apps.

Amazon Echo is a smart device used to achieve hands-free conversation with the guests- Trilyo


Alexa can provide you digital concierge services by acting your smart butler and also it can up-sell and cross-sell various hotel services hassle-freely. Travelers are becoming more tech-savvy than ever and they want a happy stay in the hotel by connecting digitally 24*7. The best part of Amazon Alexa is it is available round the clock to solve your real-time queries at the instant. In the run, Amazon Alexa is used in most of the hotels as compared to Siri because it is more customizable and also easier to use. What you’ve to do? Just say- Hey, Alexa and it will start responding to your questions; you don’t have to install any additional app to converse, so you can save considerable time and effort. The Amazon Echo is beginning to appear in myriads of hotel rooms as part of an experiment in which hoteliers are attempting both to improve the guest experience and to streamline operations by automating common questions and requests, such as dining recommendations.

While hotel experimentation with Alexa has been limited so far, hoteliers are reporting that guest feedback has been largely positive. Guests are using the devices as intended, and many travelers and guests are utilizing it to explore more about their surroundings and the hotel itself. Alexa is redefining customer experience by improving the existing norms of guest engagement; Alexa will soon replace the all the conventional conversing methods and will emerge as the most used platform for interaction between a hotelier and the guest.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is getting smarter than Google Now ever was. Not only does the service support more than one language, but it also will soon feature more robust third-party integration, meaning that it can help you control your entire digital life — not just your Google life. Google assistant is a smart way for interaction because the guest won’t have to leave the room for conversation; they can easily break the ice from their room and also the Assistant can solve their real-time queries by giving recommendations based on their preferences and behavior.

Google Assistant is used in several hotels and resorts for rendering custom-tailpored solutions- Trilyo


Google Assistant is constantly picking up new features that don't even require an app update, and the latest is localized results based on your upcoming hotel reservations. If you've booked a hotel and have a confirmation email sent to your Gmail account, you can now ask Google Assistant to show you relevant information based on the location of the hotel. You can ask make requests like "Show me restaurants near my hotel" and "Give me directions to my hotel" and Google Assistant will simply find out where your hotel is and give you information based on that, accompanied by a card with the hotel name, location and dates of your stay.

This new feature will be helpful both before and during your trips, surely, though it looks like the number of phrases that are applicable to a hotel search are limited. But it sure beats having to remember the address of a hotel you're only staying at temporarily, or feeding in an oddly-named place and hoping Google Now figures it out.

Apple Siri- Project Jetson as the next-level virtual butler

Aloft Hotels now offers a new voice-activated guest room service that is certainly the upcoming wave of the future. The project is called Project Jetson, and guests will stay in high-tech rooms that, with the help of Apple’s assistant Siri, who will respond to their commands. Since many rooms still don’t have the technology installed, travellers who want to partake in “the fun” should request a Project Jetson room.

Apple Siri is quickly becoming the people's choice for hands-free conversations.


The system can be accessed via a person’s iPhone or the in-room iPad. Once the device is connected to the room, they can turn on and off the TV by asking Siri. It will also control the air conditioner, GPS, lights, etc. Guests can learn where the closest restaurants and stores are by asking their rooms for advice. Many hotels are planning to bring more features with Project Jetson 2.0 such as room service orders and entertainment services.

Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or Apple Siri- who’s a better butler?

We know that both are built on different platforms and serves different purpose; Amazon Alexa can make your brand more relevant than any other thing which is currently present in the market. Siri is with you in your pocket, in your car, on your wrist; while Alexa works best in a home, hotel or at least, somewhere with a very stable Wifi connection. Alexa can provide you real-time suggestions and solutions to your queries and can tell you about the surrounding and other features of the hotel.

Apple’s Siri needs to be unlocked first and after that it can start working. And the most important thing- you’d need an Apple device for using Siri, and in the world, there are around 620 million Apple users out of 7 billion people. So, how would you target the other travelers and guests who doesn’t own an Apple device; Alexa, on the other hand is independent of the platform and can work with most of the present devices in the market.

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