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What’s the Buzz about Staffless Hotels: How do they Operate?

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“A hotel that employs zero to few staff members to get their everyday things done, i.e check-in/out, handling guest issues, and delivering other important services like- rendering recommendations to engage your guests better and rethinking their existing experience is known as a staffless hotel.” Bill Marriott, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marriott International, Inc., said this in seminar about staffless hotels. Staffless hotels are quite interesting and the best part about it lies in the potential of what a hotelier can achieve with this! As technology reinvents every stop on the travel journey, the on-site experience is no exception. Guests’ growing comfort with technology is driving several disruptive trends. Staff-less hotels will appeal to independent-minded travelers – and slash human resource and operating-related costs.

Guest acceptance of tech-enabled hotel lobbies will green-light hospitality companies’ big bet on the Internet of Things (IoT). The staffless hotels will cut your costs to a great extent and you can easily employ chatbots to boost your brand recognition and bookings hassle freely. The chatbots understand the guests; priority and needs, thanks to AI and they respond accordingly. With chatbots, your business is now available 24*7 and you don’t have to rely on employing customer representatives to solve guest queries. Moreover, you can employ the staff for rendering a better human-touch whenever possible and with chatbots you can easily skyrocket your revenue and business (better customer engagement & experience with fewer staff members).

Amazon Alexa is redefining guest experience by making the hotel staffless & rendering custom-tailored solutions- Trilyo


Germany's Cocoon Hotels founder Johannes Eckelmann decided to try something new when creating his third property. Even though his retro-inspired budget hotels have garnered industry praise – and operate at a fantastic 90% occupancy rate – the hotelier has embarked on an ambitious quest to build and operate a cloud technology-based, completely staffless hotel. And it's working. The Cocoon Hotel of Germany claims that they are the world’s first hotel to go staffless and the new hotel won’t employ any staff to help guests with checking in. According to a press release, the Munich hotel allows the guest to book their room, check in and out, and pay from their mobile phones, using a ‘cloud-based hotel management platform’.

With staffless hotels, the check-in process in particular is especially unique. Guests receive an email directing them to the check-in floor, where they sign in on a tablet. A keycard is then provided to them (through a machine!) and they are directed to the elevator. When the keycard is inserted into the elevator, it automatically takes guests to their correct floor, all without exchanging a word with another human being.

This will apparently help keep prices at the downtown-Munich hotel low – with the hotel gearing itself towards tech-savvy millennials looking for affordable accommodation. The hotel has 75 rooms in a large office complex. Guests can check in early online and receive instructions on how to check-in. They just sign in on a tablet at the kiosk when they arrive, which is then saved with their reservation. After that, they get their key card from a machine, which, when inserted into the elevator will bring the guest to the correct floor.

Staffless hotels will be seen soon on a worldwide basis and it will attract more millennial guests than before- Trilyo


With staffless hotels, you can easily render custom-tailored recommendations to the guests and with the help of chat-based solutions, a hotel can be made easily available 24*7 to solve numerous real-time queries of the guests without waiting for the staff member to break the ice. Also, with robots, the guest can directly ask any query to them without being dependent on the staff and with machine learning and NLP, the robot will answer to the guests; without any delay. This experience will definitely leave an impact on the guests and they will want to come back to you, again and again.

For a staffless hotel, chatbots are a must! These bots are more commonly known as chat-based solutions is an interesting way to engage with your customers, because they respond fast! Also, they are smart, since they are built with the latest AI norms, like- Natural-Language Processing. Chatbots and voice based solutions understand your query & preferences and render proper solutions in seconds. How? The chatbot learns automatically, without any human help; the more the conversation, the better it understands your guests.

Last, but not the least, with staffless hotels, a hotelier can save loads of money and can utilize it elsewhere, for example, on providing better services and amenities and employing technology in the hotel to make the guests happy. With all the money saved by cutting all the intermediaries in between, a hotel can utilize IoT and VR in the business and make the hotel more brand relevant to attract more millennial travelers.

So, it’s not too late! You still have the time to implement the latest tech in your hotel and go staffless! Trilyo thrives to boost your brand relevance by redefining customer experience & boosting your brand advocacy. Go for a free trial to explore the magic of the voice and chat-based solutions for your business and know how can it make your brand more relevant!

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