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Why Brand Relevancy is Pivotal to Millennial Travelers in Hotels?

Why Brand Relevancy is Pivotal to Millennial Travelers in Hospitality Industry-Trilyo-1

Have you ever pondered on how to make your brand more relevant? How to attain better customer loyalty and advocacy? Business revolutions once had a bit of continuity to them. The Hospitality Revolution lasted for decades, the post-hospitality revolution had a solid 20-year run, and even the dot-com revolution persevered for a good five years. But business and consumer marketers in 2018 don’t seem to have even that much luxury. From beverages and snack foods to computers and consulting, the marketplace for nearly every product or service today is undergoing continuous change. Customers and millennial travelers are getting more mobile-oriented and are receiving better information than before, are increasingly able to get precisely what they want & when they want it, at the price they’re willing to pay. To meet these exacting desires, new and different products and services with the amalgamation of technology appear unceasingly.

For the hospitality industry to succeed in this fast-moving environment, the hotel management must pay attention to a new — and, for most, unfamiliar — attribute of the hotel’s products, services, and brands: their relevance.

Millennial travelers wants to be connected every time in all the digital platforms hassle-freely-Trilyo


Relevance is fundamentally different from the characteristics conventionally associated with a brand’s potency. All too often, a brand seems strong because tracking studies show that it retains a high level of trust, esteem, perceived quality, and maybe even perceived innovativeness. With better brand relevance the millennial guest in your hotel remain satisfied and loyal. However, its market share may be slipping — perhaps significantly — and fewer customers, particularly new customers, are considering it but you can always boost your bookings and revenue with brand relevancy.

Conventional marketing theory and practice have difficulty explaining this paradox. Experience and research are now showing that a brand in decline often is in trouble not because of an intrinsic problem, but because the product category or subcategory with which it is associated is fading — undermined, augmented, replaced, or subsumed by a new, faster-growing category. Millennial travelers want to stay connected all the time with their family and friends and it's the high time to redefine their guest experience with the aid of voice and chat-based solutions.

Brand relevance in hospitality focuses on achieving preference on the basis of differentiation, benefits, and customer satisfaction within a set of brands under consideration for a given application. But in today’s environment, unless a brand can maintain its relevance as categories emerge, change, and fade, narrow application preference may not be sufficient.

Better brand relevance connects the millennial travelers with your hotel effortlessly-Trilyo


The Brand Relevance Index is based on four main dimensions of relevance: pragmatism, inspiration, customer obsession, and innovation. Many hotels outperformed their competitors because they focused on innovating new ways to make consumers’ lives better. Nowadays, a millennial traveler wants to experience the entire hotel’s amenities from his/her room. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Chat-based solutions are some of the important catalyst in transforming your business and making it more relevant than before.

In terms of brand relevancy, the hospitality industry works differently. Hospitality sales are different from consumer goods sales because marketers must sell tangible as well as intangible products. In many cases this means that they are marketing services rather than goods, and success hinges on creating the right feeling in the consumer. For example, a resort will want to cultivate a relaxing, fun atmosphere that is recognizable to customers and inspires those same feelings in the consumer.

Because the hospitality industry is mostly made up of tourism and other experiential services, a consistent brand identity is also very important. Marketers want to ensure that brand recognition exists so that customers will use their services again and again. Repeat customers bring in a sizeable portion of revenue, so marketing strategy must be split between maintaining relationships with past customers while seeking out new ones.

With brand relevancy, the customer will come to you every time they visit your city or country. Try to introduce something new or innovative features in front of your guest so that they will remember the amazing experience. It can be a chatbot on your website to solve the real-time customer issues, a voice-based solutions that renders hyper-personalized recommendations to the guests based on their preference and behaviour or introducing a front-desk robot to entertain your guest.

Trilyo thrives to boost your brand relevance by redefining customer experience & boosting your brand advocacy. Go for a free trial to explore the magic of the voice and chat-based solutions for your business and know how can it make your brand more relevant!

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