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It is rather common for restaurants to keep switching between platforms to engage with customers better. In today’s world, technology plays such an important part in our lives that we first search among the various alternatives available before settling for something we like. Similarly, before your customers decide on dining at your restaurant, they first see the options available and then choose the one that appeals the most to them.

Thanks to the pocket-sized devices we call smartphones, messenger apps have become pretty crucial to everyone. We all have Facebook messengerWhatsAppSnapchatWeChat and other messenger platforms that would connect us to our friends. So how would it be if you as a restaurant could connect with your customers on these avenues and get a chance to show up alongside the other conversations of your customers?

As stated in Business Insider , users around the world are logging in to messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with brands, browse merchandise, and watch content.

Say Hi to TrilyoBot. It's the new bee in the market and can help you with things you could probably never imagine. The introduction of robots in this segment as a service buddy has been adopted by countless number of restaurants. More and more chains have invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platforms to bring in automation in their operations. Wondering how your restaurant could get an automated platform?

Restaurant tech provider, Trilyo introduced their multi-tasking chatbot — Po-Bot that facilitates easy engagement with customers using Facebook Messenger as a platform. Po not only responds to customers instantly but also interacts with them mimicking human conversations with sentiments attached. There’s no shuffling between websites and apps adding better user experience. Besides, your customers are already out there on Messenger and they do not need to download another app just to be connected to you.


Chatbots have relatively lesser costs involved as compared to phone calls and SMS and makes it a conversational engagement for your customers leading them to order rather than just informing them about offers and promotions.

David Marcus former PayPal CEO points out “All of those interactions lack any real, natural communication” according to Fortune.

Online and app ordering is still prevalent but chatbots make the process more appealing like as if they are placing the order to the server. You can send carefully crafted and highly targeted messages to your customers without having to break your head.

Moreover, Po-Bot is available 24x7x365 solving customer queries and complaints by saving human costs and adding a pleasant and personalized customer experience. That’s the value proposition.

Why Po-Bot would work for your restaurant?

  1. Promote exclusives: Many a times communicating offers and promotions through the right medium becomes difficult for restaurants. Your restaurant chatbot can talk to your customers in a friendly non-salesy tone, alerting them about the number of offers you float and allow them to buy on the same platform.
  2. Get insightful feedback: Often, customers hesitate to provide feedback along with their credentials with the fear of bombardment of marketing SMS. Po-Bot enables your customers to rate your food, ambience, service and a lot more. And guess what? Po-Bot doesn’t ask them for their details as this is already available on their Facebook Messenger and every time your bot receives a negative feedback, you automatically get informed.
  3. Loyalty Program: Your customers can check their loyalty points through the bot too. The bot further encourages them to order now as another way to engage them.
  4. Take Reservations: Po-Bot can take reservations from customers for dates and time specified by you. Just like another wait-list management tool, you as well as your customer get notified for the same.
  5. Delivery/Takeaway: Delivery and takeaway orders are made simpler with the bot. Customers can view the menu and place an order without having to call the restaurant or switch to another app.
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Time and again, technology is constantly advancing towards automation of interaction with the environment around us. They say Chatbots are the future, and we say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what brings human interactions and perfection together.

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